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Imaginary Friends

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Inspired by a painting I made in the spring of 2019, I decided to expand my work to a digital platform to expand the reach of my "imaginary friends." The characteristic shapes, expressions, and interactions between the colorful cast of characters in my work promote inclusivity and fun; my imaginary friends, despite their variance, exist in a world of harmony sustained by their many links and connections.

Many of the below illustrations can be purchased on various merchandise (tees, sweatshirts, pillows and more). If you're interested in rocking some of my imaginary friends, click here. If you're interested in a brand partnership, contact me – I'm all ears.

Portrait Art

Inspired in part by the colorful nature of my "imaginary friends," I decided in early 2020 to start illustrating stylized portraits for anyone interested in commissioning them. The result has been a welcome albeit unexpected journey into portrait art that has effected dozens of commissioned and independently-produced artworks to date. Want to join the party and commission a portrait of your own? Click here.

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