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Digital Storyteller,

[REDO ENTIRELY] In search of a keen creative? Need a hand communicating your one-of-a-kind story? Looking for answers to life's biggest questions?


Might refer you elsewhere if the last question applies but still, stay a while. I'm AJ, a videographer/photographer/graphic artist whose passion is bringing ideas to life through visual communication. Experience in numerous creative domains gives me a sharp eye for quality and privileges me to an awesome range of work.


I am in the business of enjoying what I do, and working collaboratively is a big part of that equation. In any project I undertake, the client rides shotgun; they are integral to the vision and soul behind the project, and always have a say in what is or isn't working. Just be gentle... I'm sensitive ;-)

One long sentence.

Have a browse through my site to get a deeper sense of my portfolio. If you're interested in working together, don't wait,  reach out.

- AJ

Mike Raper, Brand Director,

North Kiteboarding

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Tony Su'a, Programme Coordinator, Auckland Council

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'Anau Mesui-Henry, Owner, Four Shells Kava Lounge

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follow me @ajreidstudio  :-)

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